Arduino Debugger & Development Shield - DeDe

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Arduino Debugger & Development Shield - DeDe

Post by BBtheEE » Thu Jul 19, 2018 1:43 pm

Hello everyone! This project began out of personal necessity back in 2014. I made a few using ExpressPCB's CAD software and PCB service, and it caught the attention of others that saw me using it. Sooooo...with a bit of coercion, I decided to make some for sale and started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund it. This is my first product (I primarily do consulting/contracting work) and depending on how well it does, I might start a business around it.

DeDe is shield-compatible with the Arduino UNO and boards that have the same header footprint. It has red & green LEDs to show the digital state of all of the GPIO pins, rows of header pins along the outer edges for probing analog & digital signals, and a prototyping area in the middle with power and the UNO signals nearby. It's also a great learning tool for programming Arduinos since it has 20 pairs of LEDs to make some cool patterns with...much more fun than one blinky LED! :D Use the serial port to take in user input to change the state of the LEDs or to run different patterns, and add some pushbuttons for user input...DeDe is perfect for learning the basics!

Have a peek at it...there are some videos on the Kickstarter page here: ... ref=5ekez8


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