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12 volt operated fluorecsent ballast

Posted: Thu May 08, 2014 1:00 am
by dracoamericanus
I have a question about a small project from a few years ago, basically it is a single lamp fluorescent lamp inverter/ballast. Mine got broken a while back and for the life of me i can not find it in the archives. The transformer is home made using and emi filter core that can be found at radio shack and used a TIP41c for the main switch. It has a feedback coil to allow it to oscillate and could drive a normal lamp, one side of the heater in the lamp was also energized. If memory serves it was from at lest 3 years back. Does any one remember this artica? any help would be great, I want to repair the one i damaged and make a few more. The main lamp i ws to drive now is a 5 watt short wave lamp for this summer when i head head out looking for fluorescent rocks.