Latst Celsius Scale Thermometer

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Latst Celsius Scale Thermometer

Post by sudheerelktronics » Tue May 06, 2014 12:34 am


I have designed a circuit diagram named Celsius Scale Thermometer. It is built using AT89C51 and LM35. This circuit works on the principle of analog to digital conversion.

It contains the analog temperature sensor LM35. It has an advantage of providing output which is directly proportional to the Celsius temperature, without having the need to be calibrated. It consists of 8 bit analog to digital converter ADC0808, which uses the successive approximation conversion technique. The ADC0808 is controlled by the microcontroller which processes its output to display the resultant temperature reading.

It can be used at homes and mobile places like cars to keep a track of temperature. It can also be used for switching of loads like motors, heaters based upon the temperature.

The circuit diagram and working of this project are shown in the page: Celsius Scale Thermometer using microcontroller and LM35.

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