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Wi-Fi Internet Radio

Posted: Fri Jun 01, 2012 9:00 am
by Kerryfenn
I just completed the Wi-Fi Internet radio from the March issue. I have always wanted one of these but was waiting for the price to come down. Now I have built my own for around $40. It was a great project and I totally enjoyed every moment of building it and now I am enjoying listening to it. A win-win! I love the fact that I can control it from my iPhone or laptop.
As I was not at all familiar with the Linux environment I was a little worried about the repurposing of the router but with some prompt and excellent help from Craig (author of the article) my little Wi-Fi radio came to life! It now hides in the back of the stereo cabinet, unseen but very much heard!
I learnt a lot about Linux and music player daemons etc from this project and look forward to tackling similar in the near future. Well done Craig, for a well organized article, and thanks again for all your help.