How to design a transformer-coupled front end for ADC converters

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How to design a transformer-coupled front end for ADC converters

Post by Deion Adel » Tue Jul 20, 2021 12:17 am

The design of a high-speed analog-to-digital converter (ADC) system with a high input frequency (IF) has always proven to be a challenging task. The use of transformers makes this task more difficult because transformers are inherently non-linear, and these non-linear characteristics can make performance difficult to meet standards. This article classifies and explains the issues that should be paid attention to when high-speed sub-ranging ADCs use transformer-coupled front-end designs.

There are many factors to consider when designing a transformer-coupled front end for an ADC. If you're interested in reading the full version you can go to my Hackster page and read the article. Here's the design example.

The design examples for baseband and IF applications are given below, as shown in pictures 1 and 2, respectively.
If you're interested in the design, you can check my hackster page :cool:
picture 1 An example of a non-buffered (switched capacitive) ADC.jpg
picture 2 Example ADC with buffering.jpg

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