stepper motor Help

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stepper motor Help

Post by vijay » Tue Apr 15, 2008 8:34 am

hi everyone,

i have a CLIFTON PRECISION stepper motor in my lab for which i have been trying to find the wiring diagram.. the website does not have it.. so can someone help me out with that..
the stepper motor model is 23-SHAB-03BU.. MFR- 86197.. class B insul.. please let me any information you have.. it will be greatly appreciated..

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Re: stepper motor Help

Post by EPA III » Fri Feb 27, 2009 11:46 pm

Steppers are generally one of two types: unipolar and bipolar.

The unipolar will usually have six wires. They will be connected to two center tapped coils and should have enough resistance to allow figuring them out with a regular Ohm meter. Each end to the center tap will have the same resistance and the two ends will measuer twice that.

Bipolar steppers will usually have four wires that connect to two coils. Two wires to each, no center taps.

Both types have no connection between the two coils.

The only other thing you really need is the max current that they are rated for. Most controllers sense the current and limit it to a safe value, but you need to know what that value is to set them up. The Voltage used to drive them is often a lot higher than the rated Voltage of the motor as the current sensing prevents any damage. You will probably need to go to the manufacturer for the Voltage/Current specs.

Or to someone who has one and a spec sheet on it.

This is a good read on steppers:
Paul A.

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