Litton K250 gyro Spec connector Pins Functionality required

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Litton K250 gyro Spec connector Pins Functionality required

Post by HARRYO » Tue May 29, 2007 2:48 pm

Hi could someone help me get this litef gyroscope to run its part no is
100245. fluid filled floating Gyro.Their appears to be two heating mats
attached to the gyro and a three inch helical metal bellows integrated
into the design. It may have been part of the Litton LN-3 INS System.
Its NSN Number may be 6615-12-188-7526, weight approx 1.60 Kgs.
It has a 26 gold pin male connector hence my need for a pin functionality specification. Circuit details, functions,voltages ,currents.
typical resistance values Phase, waveform, and frequency of input and output values etc. Any further info you you have on this beautifully
engineered Gyroscope would be greatly valued eg the history of this
generic type of gyro. Its applications aircraft types ,American Space
program and exploration.

Thankyou Harryo MSc DMS N. Ireland

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