Cheap vision solution?

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Cheap vision solution?

Post by bwts » Tue Oct 14, 2003 6:28 am

This link was posted on the EPE CZ cheap eyes? or would processing hardware still complicate the matter?<p>B)
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Re: Cheap vision solution?

Post by hlreed » Tue Oct 14, 2003 8:54 am

The kid got carried away with one light sensor. That is not vision. Vision is detection and identification of figure in ground.
Needs lots of hardware.
You need two sensors to determine direction. Four sensors are needed for determining an object and size of object.
Still, the first experiments with a light sensor and lens system is good stuff.
Harold L. Reed
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Re: Cheap vision solution?

Post by blueeyedpop » Tue Oct 14, 2003 6:37 pm

Actually,<p>16x16 pixels at 6 bits can do some amazing things. In our club, we are using neural networks to detect lines for better line following. The sharpness register is useful for determining distance with appropriate hardware to focus the lens. <p>I plan on using laser line generators for simple object detection. <p>The motion outputs can make a simple motion detector as well.<p>sometimes lots of data is just that, lots of data. <p>The mouse sensor is actually 256 sensors, with a digital signal processor to track light patterns across them, and output a vector of the motion.<p>As far as what vision is, I do not think that a housefly identifies what it sees, but I will not argue the fact that it has vision.<p>Mike Keesling
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Re: Cheap vision solution?

Post by Megadan » Sat Oct 25, 2003 1:38 am

Rock on, Mike!<p>Dan
Dan Danknick

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