Battleship robotics!

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Battleship robotics!

Post by derf » Thu Apr 21, 2011 11:38 pm

I am building a battleship the North Carolina to the scale of 144:1. There are two forward turrets
each with three guns that fire ¼ inch ball bearings. The two guns are rotated by one Servo motor via
mechanical gear drives from one channel of the RC receiver. The guns can also be elevated and depressed via two servos (one on each turret)
Both of the elevation/depression servos are hooked up via a Y cable to another one channel of the RC receiver.
I have a problem in that when I rotate the Guns from one side (say starboard) to the other side (port)
and I do not elevate the guns they conflict with each other and lots of “tragic” things can happen!
The rotational end stops at the after side are no problems since I can control them via the RC.

It is easy done that in the heat of the battle one forgets to elevate the Gunns so that they rotate without hindrance! This could mean the ship gets severely crippled and subsequently is sunk by my fellow captains.

I am thinking of using an Arduino to control this situation and need some help.
I attach a drg of the “area of Movement” where the guns can operate. I believe that I need 4 limit switches
or sensors two for the rotational limitations and two switches for the elevational movement.

The servos are stock standard PCM and operate on 6VDC from the receiver channels allocated.
Anybody that is interested to help please let me know I can provide further info as required.

The grey area is the operational area of the two gun turrets (controlled by one servo)
Limit switches marked A are controlled by the RC unit
Limit switches marked B & C are the ones that control the rotational as well as elevation / depression of the guns

Unfortunatly I cannot show the drg so anyone interested please contact me direct

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Re: Battleship robotics!

Post by sailman58 » Sat Apr 30, 2011 2:00 pm

It looks as though you battle with a Big Gun group. I used to belong to Ircwcc when I lived in Maryland, but have not hooked up with a another fast gun group here in Florida. Maybe you should address your question to the big gun forum on Yahoo. They have several folks there who work with micro-controllers.


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