Gumstix For Robots; Robot Kit To Use With Gumstix

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Gumstix For Robots; Robot Kit To Use With Gumstix

Post by BobCochran » Sat Dec 12, 2009 4:14 pm

Hi, I am interested in buying Gumstix and building a robot based on a Gumstix computer-on-module. Is anyone actually using Gumstix as a robot's brain? Can you suggest what Gumstix modules and accessories I should order for starters? I've looked at the site, and I've noticed their robostix board accessory for the Verdex Pro XM4, but I am unsure whether the Robostix can be used in the seemingly more capable Overo modules. I'm also unsure how to adapt Overo modules for robotics applications.

To make this simple: what Gumstix components should I buy for a robot project?

Can anyone suggest a good robot kit that can be used with the Gumstix for learning purposes? I'd like a robot with a body large enough to take some significant payload later as I gain experience with gumstix modules.

I posted a similar inquiry to the gunstix-users mailing list and have Googled to check into published Gumstix projects. Some of these such as flying a Gumstix-based model helicopter are far ahead of my current skills -- I don't yet know how to fly an aircraft.


Bob Cochran

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Re: Gumstix For Robots; Robot Kit To Use With Gumstix

Post by brandiex » Sat Jan 02, 2010 2:53 am

How many different paths can the robot take? There is a 10 x 10 grid. I'll indicate the intersection of grid lines, considering the bottom-left one to be (0, 0) and the top-right to be (10, 10). A robot takes either a vertical line up or horixontal line right each second to reach the top-right in 20 moves. However the point (4, 5) is forbidden. The robot gets the electric chair it it gets to this point.

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