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by hlreed
Tue Jan 15, 2002 8:44 am
Forum: Robotics
Topic: Computing brain size and complexity
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Computing brain size and complexity

Brains mediate between sensors and motor. Let S be the number of sensors. Let M be the number of motors. F is the number of functions. F = S/M ;is a measure of complexity. Size = S or M depending on how you measure. Example: You have a robot with 4 sensors and two motors. F = 4/2 = 2 size = 2 Comput...
by hlreed
Fri Jan 11, 2002 9:32 am
Forum: Robotics
Topic: track robots
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Re: track robots

Starting out in robotics is hard because most of the information, books, etc. are not able to describe anything but simple machines, leading to a dead end. Here are some books: Braitenberg, Valentino, Vehicles, The MIT Press Reed, Harold L. Brains for Machines, Nova Science Publishers, 1996 Here is ...
by hlreed
Fri Jan 11, 2002 9:14 am
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Speech Recognition Help
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Re: Speech Recognition Help

The software speech recognition programs will not help you design hardware. How many words do you need to recognise? You know of course that speech begins as sound amplitude from a microphone. The phonemes of speech are available. Go to Yahoo and seek phonemes. I don't know the general solution to t...
by hlreed
Fri Jan 11, 2002 9:01 am
Forum: Robotics
Topic: p.p.m to p.w.m conversion
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Re: p.p.m to p.w.m conversion

The output from the receiver to the servo is a 2 millisecond pulse repeated every 20 milliseconds. Within the two millisecond pulse, 1.5 ms is center, 1 ms is ccw and 2 ms is cw. With a PIC program you would need to time the pulse and create the equivalent integer. Then you can send that out to an H...
by hlreed
Wed Jan 09, 2002 2:10 pm
Forum: Robotics
Topic: Brains for robots
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Brains for robots

Anyone interested in how to build brains for robots, please contact me and I will tell you how.
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