Ardunio Class 101 chapter 5, Set an Angle on servo

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Ardunio Class 101 chapter 5, Set an Angle on servo

Post by frank_fg » Thu May 08, 2014 12:18 pm



Love your articles on Ardunio.

I did all the Labs 1,2,&3.

Lab 3 however did not do so while.

I used a Laptop to do the labs,
Setting an angle on a servomotor did not do go.

At first it went to 180 degrees, then I typed several degrees points such as 45,90,180. and so on,
from the serial monitor screen I could see the numbers entered, but that's all I was able to see.

the servo did not move. I tested it with a servo sweep test and it worked good.

Labs 1 and 2 was on sending and receiving text and numbers, but lab 3 failed to do that. Why?

It just happen that my Laptop went bad on me, so I did the same test on my desktop computer.
So now Lab 3 will not work because it will not compile the code, and I know for a fact that the code is good.

Sorry for being so wordy.

Can you tell me what happening?

Frank G.

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