Welcome to Combat Zone!

Everything you ever wanted to know, and probably shouldn't, about building a (machine) death dealing monstrosity. Building tips, product reviews, event reports that might migrate into Servo; and comments/discussion/dissent about published articles.
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Welcome to Combat Zone!

Post by Kevin_Berry » Thu Sep 01, 2011 5:39 pm

Welcome to the Combat Zone's forum section! I'm Kevin Berry, the CZ contributing editor and organizer. Most of our articles are written by readers, who are also bot fighters. We're looking for feedback on published pieces, ideas for future articles, and general discussion on the what/how/why of turning expensive hardware into smoking junk. We look forward to a vigorous and vital discussion of this vigorous and offbeat sport.

Whether you are a seasoned pro, occasional fighter, or newbie, we welcome comments, build reports, questions, and answers.

Here is a FREE preview of The Combat Zone column from the October 2011 issue: Combat Zone - 201110.PDF

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