Do You Remember....

Remember what it was like before robots? Tom Carroll shares what it was like then compared to what its like now! Share your thoughts on Then & Now inside!

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Re: Do You Remember....

Post by jwax » Fri Dec 08, 2017 12:38 pm

They sure were! I used a ThruLine wattmeter/SWR Meter in the Air Force in the 60's.

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Re: Do You Remember....

Post by Lenp » Fri Aug 17, 2018 7:18 pm

I just reread these posts and more thoughts boiled to the top about old telephone systems!

I can remember when Ma Bell was the keeper of all things that rang, and it was a considered to a major crime if you hooked anything to a telephone line. Well I for one was undaunted and recorded many 'juicy' conversations on my Webcor reel to reel recorder from our telephone's party line (remember them?) I even cobbled together a VOX for away from home recording.

Yes, I know I'm evil. What you did at home, and got away with was one thing but these devices could not be sold openly. This fostered some hair brain schemes that got around the 'DO NOT TOUCH' mentality of Ma Bell.

There was a telephone answering machine that had a cradle that sat on top of the old 500 style phone, and your handset sat on top of that cradle. When the phone rang, the ringing was picked up by an induction coil, and the cradle had a solenoid that lifted the hook switch buttons. The audio was coupled by a speaker and microphone inside the cradle. At the end of the call, the cradle depressed the hook switches again. No wires connected!

One of the electronic magazines had an article to build a telephone alarm dialer, It used a somewhat similar home brew cradle, and a wooden disk with pins operating a set of contacts to dial the number.. Or there was a popular local alarm company that converted those crappy 8 track players to alarm dialers. I'll bet those were a huge liability. WECO came out with an ART (Alarm Reporting Telephone) in the 60's that used a sprocket driven magnetic tape, and the numbers were set on front slider switches.The batteries were always bad, they stuck mid-cycle or sometimes kept calling the police or fire department all night long. Yeh god, that was a calamity; but I have an original WECO manual if anyone ever wants to fix one :grin:

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