Modem Commands, June, 2016

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Modem Commands, June, 2016

Post by playinmyblues » Tue Jun 14, 2016 1:00 pm

While reading Nuts And Volts, June, 2016, I came across the Q&A Modem Commands question. I think that a great new way to learn about AT commands are with the new ESP8266 devices. There are a number of tutorials found online using AT commands. To get your money's worth, I suggest NodeMCU but there are lots of other microcontrollers out there using the ESP8266. Flashing AT command firmware to these devices is very easy.

If you go for the ESP8266 Wifi module with the 8 pin version, do not forget to buy a USB-to-Serial module - FTDI, CP2102, or CH340. Take note that that version is 3.3V tolerant.

If you decide that you are looking to move another type of firmware, simply flash the other commonly found firmware, if I remember correctly, called bin, or found under the bin folder. Here is a link where you can find both types:

One of the common languages used for programming the ESP8266 is Lua. I will save you the time of figuring it out for yourself, AT commands and Lua are not available under the same firmware.

While it might not give you exactly the same operation of a modem with an ESP8266, it should give you some experience.

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