Measuring effectiveness of sun glasses

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Measuring effectiveness of sun glasses

Post by Paragon » Wed May 01, 2013 12:16 am

I was surprised to find out that sellers of sun glasses whether professional or fashionistas don't have the equipment to demonstrate to their customers the actual effectiveness of their sunglasses. I brought in some sunglasses both prescription and commercial to a couple of local eye-care providers and was surprised that they have NO CAPABILITY what-so-ever to verify the alleged filtering effetiveness of my glasses or in fact ANY of those they were selling. With imports, knock-offs, etc. etc. market and prices ranging all over the place, the consumer is at the mercy of the provider to deliver a credible, verifiable product.

With optical sensor technology available today, I think it would be an interesting project to develop a device that can once and for all measure how effective a pair of sunglasses are in absorbing, filtering, reflecting, etc. the damaging transmitted UV radiation. Here's what wiki has ...........................................

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Re: Measuring effectiveness of sun glasses

Post by dacflyer » Sun May 05, 2013 6:06 pm

i repaired a UV tester for a optometrist before, he said he uses it to check UV filtering of glasses all the time.
any optometrist should have one.. or you'd think so...
the unit i repaired i did not check well on how it was made, all i did was replace the UV lamp in it..
it had a optical sensor and read the % of UV passing thru the lenses.

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