Human Friendly Control Protocol (HFCP)

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Human Friendly Control Protocol (HFCP)

Post by redrocker » Sat May 26, 2012 10:52 am

I am not 100% sure about this, because I do not have the hardware to test it, but I am pretty sure I found some bugs in the code. Let me just start with one:

In function write(), it fails to clear the 'ptype' and 'pwidth' array elements. If one were to request one of the non-default (non-decimal) data types first - for example, hexadecimal - those two arrays would have non-zero values in the corresponding elements. If subsequently, one were to request a default (decimal) type, the logic in function build_msg() will fail, and pick the wrong format type. It can be fixed by additionally clearing the corresponding array elements in function write().

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Re: Human Friendly Control Protocol (HFCP)

Post by jonnymac » Mon Jan 20, 2014 1:33 pm

Sorry, I haven't visited these boards in ages as I tend to hang out in the official Propeller forums on Parallax.

Having read and considered your comments, I believe you may be correct. HFCP is in use in a commercial system without issues, and I'm presently designing it into another -- this gives me the opportunity to make fixes and improvements.

I don't think any of us have been caught out by the [possible] error because we're using decimal values which is the default format.

This will sort things -- and was probably what I intended (hence two variations on write).

Code: Select all

pub write(pnum, value)

'' Writes decimal value to numeric parameter

  writex(pnum, value, P_DEC, 0)                                 ' decimal, variable width
Thanks for your keen eye.
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