Nearsys Flight #100

Near space is the poorman's space program. It permits you to fly experiments into a space like environment for a faction of the cost of a satellite launch. This forum is where Nuts and Volts readers can share information and data from near space missions - both past flights and those under preparation.

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Nearsys Flight #100

Post by Paul Verhage » Mon Dec 19, 2011 7:35 am

I flew my 100th flight last weekend. I visited Ft. Hays State University to give them a hand with their first near space launch. They were kind enough to find enough free weight to carry my BalloonSat. I have a report on the flight on my webpage, As you can see, we landed about 1,000 feet from a wind turbine. They are impressive machines and I am happy to say we left it well enough alone. The limestone in that area of Lincoln county has an impressive fossil layer.

My BalloonSat camera stopped taking images after 30 minutes into the flight. I place the camera into my thermal vacuum chamber and found out it shuts off at 22 degrees F. I need to test once more, but it appears using lithium cells will prevent this.

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