Red-Orange Photometer

Near space is the poorman's space program. It permits you to fly experiments into a space like environment for a faction of the cost of a satellite launch. This forum is where Nuts and Volts readers can share information and data from near space missions - both past flights and those under preparation.

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Red-Orange Photometer

Post by Paul Verhage » Sat Sep 03, 2011 8:12 am

My latest photometer test involved a 660nm ultrabright red LED and an orange LED. Forest Mims explains there is an ozone band that covers the red LED. So far I see that the temperature coefficients of both LEDs is positive. So that's what I expect. I'll need to get a serious chill on the photometers to get a handle on their temperature coeeficents. Then I'll be ready to launch them into near space. Check my blog for charts soon.

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