Near space is the poorman's space program. It permits you to fly experiments into a space like environment for a faction of the cost of a satellite launch. This forum is where Nuts and Volts readers can share information and data from near space missions - both past flights and those under preparation.

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Post by Paul Verhage » Thu Sep 01, 2011 6:28 pm

Forest Mims wrote an article* about LED photometers back in 1992 that I can recall reading. I've talked with him on occasion and even wrote a series of articles for The Citizen Scientist. Well, I've finally gone back to the subject of LED photometers and designed a circuit like Forest recommends. Lately I've been testing a dual IR photometer, 850 nm and 940 nm. Because LEDs are temperature sensitive, the photometer includes a LM335 temperature sensor. The LM335 remains beneath a white styrofoam sun shield and just the tips of the LEDs look at. You can read about them on my blog,

Well, it's back to the dissertation. I'll keep N&V readers up to date on the new photometer design.

Look for my next article about antennas for near space. Later I'll write about an upgraded GPS siimulator.

Onwards and Upwards

* Mims, F. (1992). Sun photometer with light-emitting diodes as spectrally selective detectors. Applied Optics (31)33, 6965-6967, 20 November 1992

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